Sunday, May 15, 2011

1st Road Trip!

My mom, Jaris, and I had to take an emergency trip to Nebraska this weekend.  I got a call on Wednesday that my grandma Sam had gone in for a routine surgery, however when they opened her up they found cancer everywhere.  After some testing they've determined it to be primary peritoneal cancer.  An aggressive cancer with no warning signs.  So mom and I decided that she needed to see Jaris asap and that since I'm on maternity leave, now would be the best time to go up and visit.  We left Friday morning and headed to Omaha.  Jaris did AWESOME!  In the entire 3 1/2 hour drive he did not make one sound.  We stopped once to feed and change him and that was it.  So proud of him :)  We arrived at the hospital only to find that she had been moved to ICU and that no children under 14 were allowed.  Well that kind of defeated the whole purpose of our trip!  So I went to visit with her while mom waited in the family room and fed Jaris.  We talked to the nurse and she allowed us to stand at the doorway with Jaris so she could at least see him.  It was heartbreaking that she couldn't hold him but I'm so glad she was at least able to see him.  We went to dinner with my aunt and then we drove to Sioux City to stay with my other grandma.  My uncle just got back from Afghanistan for his 2 week leave so I wanted him to see Jaris as well so it worked out pretty good.  We got in around 11 and visited with everyone and finally went to sleep.  Jaris's schedule got thrown off a little because he had slept in the car all day so he didn't sleep well that night.  The next day we hung around with family for awhile and then headed back to the hospital.  She was moved to a normal room so we were able to go in with Jaris now and although she still wasn't able to hold him we were able to get a lot closer.  We visited with other family members and then headed back home.  Again Jaris did great on the way back.  

My aunt Paula

My aunt Sarah

Uncle Matt home from Afghanistan

My grandma Betty

My cousin Heather

Her daughter Emma

I'm so glad all sides of my family have been able to see him at this age, everybody just loved him :)  Please keep my grandma in your prayers.  She has a long road ahead and still needs to hold Jaris in her arms, just getting to look at him isn't good enough for me.

Thought this was too cute not to share :) Kind of blurry though.

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