Sunday, April 10, 2011

Getting closer!

I am so excited for my shower this Saturday I can hardly stand it! Everything has been kept a secret so I have no idea what to expect but with my mom planning it, I know it's going to be amazing.  After the shower I will be so ready for the little man to join us.  We got the crib today and the dresser will be in this week so the room is finally starting to come together.  After the shower we'll have everything we need to finish it off!  I registered for some shelves that will go above his dresser and this past week I got a few things to go on them and just need a few more little things to finish it off.  We'll get the curtains and the bookshelf next week and then it should be finished after everything is put away!
I have a doctors appointment Tuesday and they'll check to see if I'm dilated and then I start going every week...scary!  We also had our hospital walk-through/pre-registration this past week.  It made thing very real and made me a little more nervous for the whole labor process but it was nice to see everything, our delivery and recovery room, the nursery, ect. Still have extremely swollen feet and ankles, back pain and heartburn (which hasn't been horrible this past week).  I now understand why pregnant women "waddle" the pressure the baby's head is putting on my pelvic bone is making the inside of my legs very sore causing me to do a little waddle ;)
And we FINALLY have THE name! First....AND middle, look at us go! However don't ask what it is because we aren't telling until he is born.

A man reading directions? 

Maisy was supervising while I cut all the tags off the baby's clothes...

...but she didn't last long!

TA-DA! Brett did a great job! I can't wait to get the bedding in and after the baby is here I'll take 3 pictures of little body parts (up close, face, hands, feet ect) put them in black and white and put 3 frames above his crib.

A small pile of tags I cut off.

We also got the car seat and stroller put together...great job again Brett!

We also got a gift from the graphic designer at KU, DW who has known Brett's family forever.  Brett really likes what DW calls the "power Jayhawk" so he brought us a piece of the 2005 floor with the power hawk on it for the baby!  Brett has a stool from a long time ago that DW made for him with the power hawk as well so he was pretty excited for the baby to have a piece of floor :)

On a side note Brett's papa was asked to throw the first pitch at this weekends baseball game and he did great!  I got to run down on the field and grab some case you don't know his papa is the winningest baseball coach in KU history.  


That's about it for now, I'll be sure to post after my baby shower! Can't wait!


Bonkers823 said...

I'm sorry, is that a piece of flooring from Allen Fieldhouse? I just want to make sure before I completely freak out about how awesome that is. And, I love that crib!

Amber Temple said...

Yes! From the Fieldhouse! And thanks I love it too!