Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sioux City

This past weekend Brett and I headed north to Sioux City IA to visit my family! We got a late start Friday night and thanks to all the construction we didn't get in till around midnight! I have the best video of our road trip but blogger isn't cooperating with me. I've tried it 8 different times so I'm just giving up!

Saturday we woke up early and went to see my new baby cousin! My cousin Chris and his wife Celesity just had their first baby September 20th and she is SO STICKIN' CUTE! She's one of those "perfect" babies...perfectly shaped head and the cutest face!

After that we went to my FAVORITE place in Sioux City...Milwaukee Wiener! Oh man..this place has the best hot dogs...ever. I eat there every time I go back, it's still old fashioned, they still serve pop in the glass bottles, and still wear the fun little hats. It's so good, I had 3 hot dogs (I know...I'm a cow) and a chocolate milk shake...

We than headed to my grandparents house to visit with them for awhile and after that we went to my aunt Wendy's house. She moved out to the country and I haven't seen her place yet so I wanted to make sure we got out there! We had Savannah with us and had a great time riding the four-wheelers (don't worry I went really slow and missed all the bumps :)), looking at Mikes sweet car collection, and had a great dinner.

Sunday we went back out to Wendy's so I could take some family photos for my aunt Sarah, here's a little preview of Savannah...

(If your wondering my hair look orange...it's because it was...it's fixed now. Long story.)

The trip home would have been better if the Cowboys and the Rangers won their games but we did get to stop at Taco Bueno in KC. We had a great time!

*Pregnancy Update*
I'm starting to see the effects of pregnancy...on my face...and around my waist. I've been really lucky so far and haven't had ANY morning sickness or nausea. However this weekend I've noticed pregnancy has taken my face captive. My chin and jaw line especially are taking a hit. I've never had a problem with acne and I know it comes with the pregnancy territory but I don't like hate it. I still don't really "feel" pregnant. Maybe it's because I skipped morning sickness or something but I just don't feel it. I just feel like I'm breaking out and getting wider. I'm just sooooooooo ready to start showing!
Ok that's my the end of my complaint :) I have a lot of photos coming up in the next few weeks so I'll be busy busy!

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