Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Friday was my birthday and I had a great day!  It actually started on Wednesday when we went to dinner with all the family.  I made some pretty good cupcakes if I do say so myself :)  I had the day off Friday so I ran a ton of errands, I finally got a side table in our living room so we don't have the KU stool anymore and a new vase for the table but now I need a bigger lamp!  I went to Hobby Lobby and Tuesday Morning and got a few Christmas things because I don't have a very good collection so far...slowly but surely I'm adding things! We had dinner plans for that night to eat in Kansas City at a place called Nikko's.  Amazing Japanese steakhouse...go there if you get a chance!  Long story short Brett had tricked me into thinking it was just going to be us there but when we got there our friends AND my sisters were all there! He's so sneaky ;)  We had a great dinner and went out for a little bit afterward and had lots of fun! Besides the fact that I'm now only 4 short years away from 30, it was a great day!
Saturday we picked up my parents king size mattress they so graciously gave us!! And a good thing because with me, my body pillow, Brett, and Maisy (and a soon to be growing belly) it was getting pretty crowded! I'm so excited for this bed...not only for more space but that means we get new bedding! And since the guest room is becoming a nursery we have to move the desk in to our room so that means our room can finally start to look like a grown up room!  Kelly is going to redo our dresser and eventually (hopefully before x-mas) we'll have new side tables.  I'm starting a project this week for the side wall...I'm pretty excited about it!  I'm going to have 3 sort of big shelves with big picture frames on two of the shelves with pictures of Brett and I that my sister is taking soon.  And on the third shelf I'm going to do a canvas painting (I've had this idea for awhile) of a sort of faded grey background and in kind of a sloppy cursive, paint parts of our wedding vows. I'm going to start the canvas hopefully this week so I'll let you know how it goes! I've drawn a little picture so you can see my vision lol. Enjoy it :)

lol cute huh!?  I'm anxiously awaiting our next doctors appointment but the 28th seems soooooooo far away!  I can't wait to see how much the baby has grown since the last ultrasound!  I put a pool link on Facebook and so far the results are pretty entertaining!  Only 3 votes for red hair vs 6 for brown! If you haven't voted yet go ahead...Temple Baby Pool!
This weekend Brett and I are heading to Sioux City to visit my family! I'm super excited to see Savannah and my cousin Chris and his wife Celesity just had their first baby 2 weeks ago so I can't wait to see her either! Should be a fun trip, I'll post when I get back!

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