Friday, April 29, 2016

5 years ago... made me a mom. I say this with every passing year but I truly can't believe how fast 5 years has gone. It seems like such a milestone birthday...ready to start kindergarten, loosing the baby/toddler face, starting sports, more independent and self-sufficient. 

The moment we met I was hooked. From that day on you've made me happier then I ever knew possible. You make us laugh every day. You are so witty and quick that sometimes your responses catch me off guard. We are so proud of the little boy you are growing up to be. One that truly cares about and loves his family. Your love for your sister is even better then I imagined. She's the first person you want to see in the morning, you HAVE to give her a kiss and huge before you leave for school, and when you talk to her in your high pitch sweet voice I melt. You have been a HUGE help with her. You get burp rags, wipes, pacifiers, hold doors open for me, anything we ask you do it and without complaint. You were always so sweet and loving with Maisy so I knew you would be a great big brother but you've really blown us away.

You are doing so well in preschool and we are excited to see what you learn in kindergarten. You've made so many friends and just seem to attract people to you. You are such a perfectionist (which you get from me and sometimes it drives me nuts :)) but determined to finish everything you start.

Our conversations are my favorite time with you, just one on one. You don't leave out any detail and I love to get a glimpse of your school day. You ask a TON of questions still and definitely have your dads gift of gab. Also you still love to compliment people, "I like your hair mom." "I like your shoes dad."

We are so excited for you to start sports this year, especially t-ball! You also show a genuine interest in music (which I love love love) and according to your granny you have a "great touch" on the piano so I am super pumped for you to start piano lessons this year as well.  

We definitely have our moments like all parents do, not listening or back talking but that is generally the extent of your bad behavior. And even after getting in trouble you still love to snuggle, you always have! We are very lucky!

God has blessed us with a sweet, loving, and smart kiddo and we couldn't be happier he chose us to be your parents. Thank you for being everything you are. There isn't a day that goes by where we don't just look at you and thank God you are ours. We can't get enough of you and like you tell us every night...we love you to the moon and back to the moon and back forever.

- mom and dad

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