Tuesday, April 26, 2016

3 months!

It's amazing how much can change in one month. My previous job contacted me with a semi-part time position that would allow me to be home 1 1/2 days more. I couldn't turn it down. And at the same time I was offered a work from home part time position at Veritas as assistant developmental director. So now I get 3 1/2 day weekends and I'm loving it! My start time is later as well and you'd be amazed at what a difference an extra hour makes in your morning routine! Being able to get the kids up, fed, and dressed has made me so happy! I will take any extra time with my kids that I can get!

This sweet girl is 3 months! She is officially sleeping through the night...yes I know how lucky I am! I thought for sure that because JT was such a good sleeper we wouldn't be as lucky the second time around but we have been! She is on a great schedule, she gets a bath every other night and takes her last bottle around 8-9 and is out for the night. Usually wakes up around 7-8. I'm pretty sure the only reason she is sleeping so well is because she is a thumb sucker. She has found her thumb and there is no stopping it!

She is such a happy girl most of the time! If she is hungry or has a full diaper it's a different story but happy for the most part. Getting her up in the morning is my favorite time, she is so smiley and happy. When Maisy plays fetch it makes her laugh and JT is pretty good at making her laugh. She is moving all over her crib now but hasn't quite rolled over, she's getting close though. I just want to kiss her giant cheeks all day! 

We are loving our new normal.

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