Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New School Year

This year is a big school year for Jaris. Last year was his first year of preschool and we went two days a week in the mornings. This year he is not only going three days a week in the morning but also in the afternoon! At the end of last year we had to register for the three day morning classes or risk losing our spot. But then we decided we wanted him to at Veritas in their K-Quest program. However they only do that in the afternoons. So we decided to keep him at his old preschool three days a week in the morning and in the afternoons on those days he will go to Veritas. So basically 3 days week he's got a full day of school with an hour lunch break. I think this will be an awesome way to transition into kindergarten next year. He should be fully prepared! The other two days a week he's with the grandmas so he's got a pretty nice schedule set up. 

First day of Veritas (he's not a huge fan of having to wear a polo and what he calls "nice shorts" everyday yet).

First official day at his old preschool!

I really love that Jaris is at Veritas this year. I was involved with the school last year because of Brett but now that I'm coaching and have a kiddo there I'm really getting to know the students and parents. They are truly one big family. The families care about us, the kids tell me they stop and say hi to JT when he's in class, and his PE teacher was my PE teacher when I was in elementary school...how fun is that?! He's in a great atmosphere (at both schools) the teachers are really focused on his goals, you can really tell that they care about him, his well being, and family life. I love that. He loves seeing all the big kids that he knows and it's super cool to have dad down the hall. 

I got this picture from the administrator on the first day of school. Brett peeking in on JT to see how he's doing. So sweet!  

Our schedule is starting to really pick up, this month alone we have Veritas events, volleyball games, football games, swimming lessons, football practice (every weekday), cheer practice, 3 weddings (yes only one weekend wedding free), a trip to Iowa for one wedding and a trip to Nebraska for another, a trip to the zoo, 3 birthdays, and we are finding out what this baby is! October looks pretty much the same, except for weddings will be replaces with senior photo shoots.

We are ready for all that the fall/winter season has to bring with it! 

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