Thursday, August 27, 2015

Latest Happenings

We are so close to finding out what this baby is, I can hardly contain myself! The first trimester everything was pretty much the same as my first pregnancy. No morning sickness, really tired, that's about it. Then the second trimester hit and it's been totally different. A lot of aches and pains (ligament stretching I'm pretty sure), back pain way sooner than last time, my belly feels heavier than I remember, just overall uncomfortable. I think (you'll have to double check with Brett) that I've done a pretty good job of not complaining. In fact I'm not really sure he knows just how uncomfortable I am this time around. Last pregnancy I didn't get heartburn until the end, back pain until the end, didn't make as many trips to the bathroom until the end, but this time it all hit at 4 months. I'm 5 months now and huge. Huge. But cheer practice and walking everyday is keeping me busy.

5 months...*sorry for the 3 bathroom selfies*
Jaris has been doing swimming lessons all summer with the fabulous Miss Claudine and he is loving it! We started him at 8 months old and then took a year off. He is doing so great, you can't keep this kid out of the water!

Last swim before school starts with his best buddy Harrison!

Taylor came into town this last weekend, she and I went to the Sam Hunt/Lady Antebellum concert. Taylor is a huge Sam Hunt fan (that's putting it lightly) so she got us VIP passes and we ended up being first row off of the stage. I could touch the stage, which was pretty cool. We got high fives from all of the singers and it was so much fun! 


Lady A was amazing as always! This is my second time seeing them this year, we got to see them at the CMA Fest.

The next day we headed to Power Play with my parents and Taylor. We had a lot of fun, although I love bumper cars but had to miss out...they were JT's favorite as well!

iPhone pics...

I love this picture because his face looks so little still.

I can't handle.

Maisy and mama going in for kisses

Baby #1 and Baby #3  :)

ThunderKat, our fave date night band!

Every day. All day.

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