Tuesday, August 4, 2015


July has flown by! We had a great fourth, we were out on the boat all day. My family came out, Brett's family and Taylor was in town! Jaris could be in the water all day long. He doesn't like getting out and definitely doesn't like when we say it's time to go. That night we went out to Brett's sisters friends block party out in the country. It was the first time Jaris has really got to set off his own fireworks. Usually we just go to a show or he was too little. He loved it! He had so much fun lighting them and running away, dancing through the smoke bombs, and catching the parachutes. The hosts then put on a great end of the night fireworks show and we called it a night. 

My family went on a fun night out to Top Golf in Kansas City. SO MUCH FUN! I suck at golf but it was a really cool atmosphere,good food, drinks, music, and fun games. After I got the hang of things it was an absolute blast!

We got to hear the sweet sounds of the baby's heartbeat at the beginning of the month. Jaris is old enough to understand what is going on and I want him to be apart of the process and really prepare him for what's coming. He came with us to the appointment and at first he wasn't to sure what the doctor was going to do to me with that little machine but when he understood what he was listening to, he thought it was pretty cool. Or has he says, it's sounds like a train! He really likes to talk to the baby and he does it in a really funny high pitched voice...and he does the gibberish baby talk. It cracks me up!

Our next appointment is just blood work and testing but after that (on September 15th) we get to find out what this baby is! I have held onto all of JT's clothes from newborn till now and they are starting to take up a lot more storage space than I'd like in our storage. I've been starting to pile up stuff around the house that I want to put in a garage sale and if this baby is a girl I'm going to have a TON of boy clothes to get rid of...and if not I guess I'll save some money! 42 more days...hurry up!

Kelly and the kids came into town and stayed for 2 1/2 weeks! Jaris was in heaven! It was a long time for him to be off schedule, lots of late night bedtimes, lots of learning how to share, lots of time outs, but lots of fun, and a lot love. We did a lot of boating, all three boys even tried skiing on the kiddy skis and Brooks and Kaden did awesome! I was so proud of JT for wanting to try and holding on to fight his way up but his feet are still just a little too small to stay in the skis. I love that he wanted to try though. 

We did some shopping for Stephs new house, ate out a lot, had many sleepovers, and went to a KC Sporting game. Such a fun atmosphere and the kids loved it! The fans were crazy loud and passionate, and even though I'm not a soccer fan it was really fun.

Maisy is always there!

And of course more swimming and boating!

The morning they left JT woke up and asked what they were doing today, they love and fight like brothers...he definitely misses them! And so do we!

Thankfully to round out the end of the week after they left we have the Douglas County Fair. I have always loved going to the fair, the rides, the food, and the best people watching ever! Brett isn't a huge fan but he puts a smile on and goes every year! Jaris loves the demolition derby so we go to that every time but he mostly loves the animals. I want to be out in the country so bad, with a couple of cows, a couple of goats, chickens, and a dog and barn cats of course! I've totally rubbed off on Jaris because every time he is around these animals he tells me he wants to live in the country! This year was even better because a lot of the Veritas family does 4H. So we got to get up close and personal with the animals and Jaris was loving it. Next year we talked with one of the families about letting JT do the peewee showings, which he would love! It is such a great way for kids to learn responsibility and showmanship.

And of course no fair is complete without carnival rides! This year JT went on the kiddy coaster for the first time ever by himself! He loved it and especially when the "turns whipped me around so fast!" 

We kicked off August in the best way possible..by getting last minute tickets (thanks to a Veritas family) to the Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean concert! 2 people we didn't get to see at the CMT Fest. It was an absolute blast! They both played for about 2 hours and put on great shows! Slowly but surely I'm turning Brett into a concert go-er. And thanks to the CMT Fest I'm pretty sure we've seen close to every big name in country music this year alone!

Don't worry about the photo-bomber in the background...we are concert besties now!

And of course we have to end the weekend with boat time.

Random iPhone pics...

That teddy bear Brett gave to me when we were 16. It's still the cutest stuffed bear I've seen! Love that he sleeps with it. *He'll love me for this picture later right?*

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