Monday, February 16, 2015

Jaris Conversations to Remember!

Every conversation with Jaris is one to remember but here are a couple things I want to write down!

Everyday on our drive home we pass the KU dorms and they are in the process of building more. One day Jaris asked what the buildings were...

Me, "those are dorms buddy. That is where college kids go to live for their first year of school. One day when are 18 you'll live there too!"

Jaris, "do they have toys there?"

Me, "You won't want or need toys when you go there."

Jaris, "yes I would! Will you pick me up from there?"

Me, "while I would love to pick you up...I really don't think you'll want me to pick you up from college everyday!"

Jaris, "but I would be sad if you didn't pick up."

Me, "alright well I'll hold you to it!"

Jaris has a little girlfriend at preschool, I was waiting to pick up JT while standing next to her mom when the mom of another little girl came over to me and said...

Mom, "I think Jaris may be the little heart breaker of the class!"

Me, "oh gosh what did he do!"

Mom, "Addie came home from school the other day wearing a little necklace and was swinging it around. I asked her if she she made it at school and with the biggest smile she said, "oh no, Jaris made it for me!"" 

I got a good laugh out of that! Especially because the day before, his normal girlfriend so sweetly asked him, "Jaris will you take the lid off my marker for me?" I almost died of the sweetness!

In the mornings Jaris will often come into our bed if we aren't up yet. We were snuggling and we asked him what he wanted for his birthday because it's not too far off. Without hesitation or naming a toy first he very seriously stated, "I really want a baby sister! I don't know why they haven't brought us one yet but I really want one! A baby sister!"

***FYI...I have no idea who "they" would be lol!***

I wish we had a picture of mine and Brett's faces, hilarious! Brett asked him if he was sure he didn't want a baby brother (of course) however he was positive he wanted a sister.  We also told him that we had to wait until God blesses us with another baby to which he replied, "well it's taking forever!"

Walks outside and it's freezing he says, "UGH! Cold weather I'm tired of your attitude!
I want it to be warm!"


JT isn't a big fan of going to the church day care program right now so he went to church service with me. Pastor Bump got up to talk after the music and JT said, "is that God?" The lady in front of me started cracking up! Then later the Pastor was talking about Abraham and JT asked, "is he Abraham?"  It's never ending with this kiddo!

Random one liners...

"Mmm...this iced tea is scrumptious!"

Talking to Maisy..."goodnight my princess."

"Mom you don't need to lay in my bed with me, Maisy is my protector."

"Mom and dad hurry up or I'm leaving without you!"

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