Tuesday, September 30, 2014


September 2, 2014 this kiddo started preschool!

First United Methodist 2014, Mrs. Winn and Mrs. Willis.

Lately Jaris has had a hard time separating with me.  I knew preschool would be a hard transition because of that and because he knew no one going in.  Drop off was hard the first few times but it is getting easier.  There are still tears but it is easier.  His teachers are AMAZING.  We are very blessed to have them this first year, they're so good with JT and have really made the transition easier for him.

He's seems to doing great so far, I just hope he's behaving when he's there.  It's just funny to me that one day you leave your child at a place, in the care of people you don't really know, around kids you don't really know, and hope that everything you've tried to teach them about being kind, respectful, and playing nice is working!  We've had nothing but great comments so fingers crossed it is :)

We can't wait to see how the rest of the year goes!

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