Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thanksgiving & Christmas

Thanksgiving was great! It was Brett's family this year and we had a lot of fun with the boys here and Breagan of course! And thanks for putting up with my constant cleaning up/ocd craziness!  Dinner came out perfectly and after hosting my second Thanksgiving dinner I can officially say I'm 100% comfortable with long as I don't have to do the gravy.  The day after we went to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa, we always hate to see the Ballards leave, it takes a few days for JT to get used to the morning when he wakes up and they aren't there but we have fun when they are here.

Next thing you know it's Christmas!  It was my family Christmas and it was perfect.  It is just so much better when you have kids and this year Brett and I decided not to get each other gifts and I'm really glad we stuck to that.  Over the course of the year, dinners here & shopping there is enough for us.  Jaris on the other hand made out pretty well!

xmas eve shopping partner, can't get any more adorable!

LOVED relasing memorial balloons, we wrote messages and sent them up. Perfect way to remember your loved ones on Christmas

gotta love a family game of apples to apples!
 Another great year of family holidays, we are truly blessed.

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