Sunday, June 30, 2013

Water baby

Brett's family and my family love the parents have a boat and Brett's aunt and uncle have a boat so it's important to us that Jaris love the water too.  And he does!  Last weekend we went out to Bloomington beach, he dug in the sand and floated in his little boat.  He laughed the whole time.  This weekend we went out on the boat and although the wind made it kind of chilly he still loved it.  He kept yelling, "faster papa!"  He and I got in the water and I put him in his little boat again and he LOVED it!  He thinks it's so funny hitting the water and loves when the waves come.  We got out of the water to warm up and eat lunch and he was eager to get back in but it was just a little too cold.  I love that he likes being in the lake and isn't scared of the waves or anything.  I wish I could take him more often but I'll settle for weekends I guess.

feeding the fishes
He's all legs like his momma :)

We also had visitors and a very busy weekend!  Brett's aunt and two cousins came into town from Dallas to visit and be with Brett's grandma on the 1 year mark of Floyd's death.  Between the two cousins, Taylor and Kaci, they have 6 kiddos.  Jace stayed at home but we had 1 6 y/o, 1 3 y/o, twin 10 month olds, and a 6 month old.  It was exhausting!  Babies everywhere!  But it was fun and crazy, and Jaris loved having them all here.  They left Sunday night and I super cleaned the house and hit the hay.  Why must the weekends go so fast?!

Got a haircut and ordered daddy a new wedding ring!

Ahh...clean again :)

Walked into El Mezcal and saw my child face on the bench!  Kind of weird still but awesome!


That's all for now!

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Mrs. Thornton said...

You guys are adorable. All of you!