Saturday, June 22, 2013

Oh my busy...

The past two weeks have been so crazy busy.  I feel like we've had something every day to keep us going and no downtime.  Here goes!

It started Friday with National Donut Day when we met up with our friends Ashley and Isaiah.  JT loves donuts and adding in playtime was a perfect way to start off our morning!

That night we attended "part one" of some of our oldest friends and fellow high school sweethearts wedding.  Misty and Austin have been together just as long as Brett and I have have a little girl, Ruby, a few months younger than Jaris.  So needless to say we were excited to see this day come!  After Austin gets back from training they will have their reception, can't wait to watch JT bust a move!

The next night we went out to dinner for my middle sisters birthday.

JT and I have been attending Dog Days and let me tell you pushing the jogging stroller is such a workout.  I hate running working out in general let alone pushing an extra 45 pounds the whole time.  But Jaris loves being outside and he gets to play at the park each night afterwards so hopefully I'll have legs like Carrie Underwood at the end of the summer :) Wishful thinking!

A few weeks ago I entered a photo in for the Lawrence Kids magazine "Summer Cover" contest.  Lawrence Kids is a local mag that goes out to all the doctors/dentists offices, hospitals, and local business.  You were suppose to submit a photo that best describes summer.  I got an email a couple weeks later from one of the editors asking for a larger size of the image for the table of contents page.  I was a little disappointed but I thought it was cool that he would be in it anyway.  The winner was to be announced with their picture displayed at Blue Dandelion (a local kids boutique).  I didn't think I needed to go down and see who won because JT was going to be the table of contents.  Then I got an email from the same editor telling me to run by BD if I had a chance.  It was the middle of the work day and I thought he wouldn't send me down there if JT hadn't maybe he lied about the TOC?  My sister in law happened to be with me when I got the email so we just decided to run down and check.  Sure enough there was his adorable little picture in the front window!  I was so excited he won the cover!  There is no better way to describe summer than drinking from the hose!  The online issue is up now and I'll be getting hard copies next week.  Excited!!

Brett and I also celebrated our 5 year anniversary.  June is such a busy month for us that the past years we have been working so we haven't had time to actually be together!  It finally fell on a day where there isn't much going on so we went to dinner at one of my favs, Houston's on the Plaza.  The next day we spent some family time at the Legends.  Jaris did not want anything to do with the T-Rex until we left when he then decided he loved it.  He talked about it all the way home and the next morning as soon as he woke up. 

Father's day was quiet, I had to work the majority of the day but Brett woke up to eggs and donuts, opened his gifts, and then I headed to work.  After work we went to meet up with my dad at my grandparents.  I'm very blessed to have been able to grow with Brett from teenagers, to a married couple, to parents.  He is the best dad to JT, no one can make him laugh like he does and no one is as cool :)  Dad is the one who mows the grass, does the push ups, drives the big truck, and is loud and crazy!  We love everything about him!

 Kelly and the boys came into town as well so we spent lots of nights getting to watch Kaden at camp, play, and get some Tads of course :)  Jaris loves being with the boys and loving on Breagan.  It was her baptism as well on Sunday which I missed thanks to work. 

That's all for now!

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