Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rangers/Royals Game

Thanks to some amazing connections I was able to get a suite for the Royals vs Rangers game on Wednesday night.  We had a great time! It was an early birthday celebration for Brett and he had a great night considering the Rangers won (and just won the series) AND the Cowboys pulled off a big win against the Giants! 

yummy food

more yummy food

awesome view

if only my fridge at home looked like this...

Jaris was perfect and loved watching the game.  I couldn't have asked for him to be any better, he ate a little hamburger, watched the game on and off, played with his toys we brought, and ran all around.  He slept all the way home and went right back down after we got him into his pj's.

J man and my momma

love him

he ate about 4 slices of watermelon!

of course he loves baseball, it's in his blood!

just can't get enough of him

he had so much energy all night, even 1 1/2 hr past bedtime

We had a really good time, it's going to be hard to go back to regular seats at a game! We are heading to Dallas in a couple of weeks, just Brett and I (don't know how I'll handle being away from JT over night but...) and we are super excited to get to a Cowboys game!  When we lived there we went a few times, thanks to Brett's aunt who is a season ticket holder, and we have so much fun each time. Love this time of year!

Thanks again to Jon and Cheryl for the awesome suite and hospitality! 

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