Thursday, September 27, 2012


 Last weekend Brett and I flew to Dallas to visit family and go to the Cowboys game.  We decided to leave Jaris behind because this was going to be a short trip and I didn't want to put him through two flights, driving all over Dallas/FW, and I knew he wouldn't sit through the game.  Brett's mom watched him over night with help from my mom and grandparents during the day, Kelly and the boys were in town as well so he had a blast and plenty of love!

We left bright and early Friday morning and while I feel a little guilty saying this, it was so easy to get through security and fly with out little man and all he comes with (terrible I know :))!  As soon as we got in we dropped off our luggage at Jan and Marks house (Brett's cousin) and headed to get lunch at our FAVORITE restaurant, Covino's.  Covino's is owned by Brett's bestie who he's know since elementary school.  It is awesome italian food and I ate a ridiculous amount for lunch.

Oh so delicious...
After lunch Jan and I went to get a pedicure for her birthday and let me say this was the best pedicure ever! Long massages on each leg with good smelly stuff then a hot stone massage...I actually dozed off in the chair!  It was great.

That night I got my first experience at a Texas high school football game.  Varsity Blues and Friday Night Lights gave me high expectations ;) and while it wasn't anything like those two it was fun to see how they do things and it was for sure bigger than Lawrence!  On our first night of vacation Brett and I slept in separate beds in separate rooms, Jan and Marks guest room was full so we slept in their daughters rooms.  The next morning Brett came in and asked how I slept and I said great actually, you?  He said, "I slept amazing!"  And what's funny is we slept in separate beds the entire trip because Brett's aunt also has separate beds in the guest made us laugh.

Saturday we headed into Arlington where Brett's aunt and cousins live.  We had lunch at my favorite sandwich place, Potbelly's.  Best sandwiches and best sugar cookies!  Then we went and did some shopping at the new outlet mall.

We met up with the family at Jace's baseball game...Brett's cousin Taylor had her twin boys about 5 weeks ago and I couldn't wait to see them! 

Meet Mason and Miles.  Adorable!
That night we headed to dinner in Fort Worth at Joe T Garcia's and then down to the Stockyards.  We lived in Texas for exactly 1 1/2 years.  In all that time Brett never took me to the Stockyards...epic fail on his part.  I LOVED IT!  Food, the country music, line dancing, and a rodeo all in one night on one street.  I want to go back tomorrow.  A BLAST!

Sunday was the Cowboys game!  Brett's aunt has been a season ticket holder for years.  When we were there looking for a place to live she sent us to the game (my first) and I loved everything about Cowboys football.  She was also gracious enough to give us her Thanksgiving day game tickets when we lived there.  She's awesome.  This was my first time to the new stadium and let me tell you it is bonkers.  Way bigger than it looks on tv, so fancy, great fans, and a lot of fun.  We had so much fun and the Cowboys won so it ended well!

Our first cowboys game...and the next year...
Oh to be that skinny again lol

I love their show on CMT!

My two favs, Jason Witten and Miles Austin

These guys were so funny! They were on the big screen every song and had choreographed dances...hilarious!
That night we ate at our old favorite Burger place, Kincaids and then Skype with JT.

Got back early early Monday morning, lost our car in the parking lot, finally got home, and went to work! It was great a time and it was so nice to spend some quality time with Brett.  I missed Jaris like crazy!  

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