Saturday, October 22, 2011

So behind!

So time to do an in-depth blog so here is the quick rundown of the latest happenings!

-Taylor came home and surprised us for the weekend! Woo Hoo, I miss her so much!

-First trip to the pumpkin patch with Jaris.  My family and Brett's family all went and despite the wind and ridiculous amount of dust, it was great!  Love love love the pumpkin patch.

-Jaris had his first ear infection...a double ear infection actually.  Not fun, lots of booger suctioning, coughing, and sleeping on the couch which means no sleep for mommy and daddy.  He is in the final days of his antibiotic and is back to eating normal and being his happy little self :) thank goodness!

Love his feet :)
I just want to kiss him all the time!

Soon to be World Series Champs!!
 -I have 8 million photos to edit hopefully all to be done by the middle of November (this is a VERY lofty goal) so I can get ready for xmas card photo shoots.

-In the middle of moving from our townhouse into Brett's grandparents packing, painting, cleaning, storing their things, fixing things, ect (aka - moving) has really taken up a lot of time.  But thanks to my amazing in-laws, Jaris' room is done, most of their things are stored and put away,  and the carpets will be cleaned Tuesday! 

-I finally decided to suck it up and have my ring re-sized.  I'm lighter then before I was pregnant but for some reason my ring still doesn't go over my knuckle.  I know when your prego your joints expand and for a lot of women that includes your knuckles.  Especially in women who swell a lot during their pregnancy (and we all know what I looked like...yikes!).  I took it off when I was around 6 months because of the swelling and I've had it off ever since.  I just got tired of not wearing it and I can't wait for it to be done!

-LOVE Beyonce's new song "Love on Top" and I had the video on the computer the other night and Jaris will usually watch but he has never done this...he liked the way she moved ;)

That's all I have time for! Good night!


Atwell said...
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Atwell said...

You are one busy momma! Hope things will slow down for you soon. By the way you look great!