Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another month and another year older...

 September 30th my little baby turned 5 months and October 1st I turned...glup...27 :)  Jaris is getting bigger and bigger by the day and according to the official "weigh myself first then weigh myself with Jaris to know how much he weighs" he came in at 18 pounds!  Cereal, fruits, and veggies are going well and we just did the first afternoon feeding.  We've been doing it just at night but he's almost moving up to 8 ounces of formula so I figured we would throw in a little lunch snack too :)  He has become quite the wiggle worm during feedings and diaper changes.  All he wants to do is sit up and he really just wants to go go go.  He is constantly looking around and observing, taking things in.  His two bottom teeth are really coming up now and we can see them a lot more when he laughs and smiles.  Still hardly any hair, Brett and I both were bald for awhile so we kind of expected it.  
Feeding time is still my favorite time, he is so vocal and funny.  With his little teeth he likes to grab the spoon and not let go and now he likes to spit food too and I caught it in the video below.  You'll also see that he gets really excited and kicks his little legs, not sure what he's so happy about but I love it!

In this video he has just gotten done with his bath and is about to get in his pj's but for some reason he looks at the frame that hangs above his changing table and gets excited lol...

 A little toe sucking....yuck...

Another eating video because he is just so darn cute :) and Maisy's bark scares him at the end lol...and also you'll see him pull his bib over his face and start kicking, he does this all the time and usually leaves his bib covering his face

First time with "johnny jumper"

We call it "tubby time" but giving him his bath is my second favorite time of the night and this is why...

Sunday for Steph and I's birthday we headed to the original Stroud's in KCMO.  We use to go here all the time when we were kids and run around the grounds and feed the ducks (I always skipped that part) but they have gooood fried chicken and awesome cinnamon rolls.  It was a little bit of a wait but there was plenty to do outside to keep Kaden and Brooks entertained and it was a gorgeous night.  It was a great birthday, my parents got Brett and I all set up for a date night with a gift card to my favorite restaurant P.F. Changs and an AMC gift card so we can enjoy a movie too. They even volunteered to take Jaris overnight so we could make it an entire evening!  Now when we'll have time for that I don't know!  Brett's family got me a much needed body massage which I'm dying to use asap.  I'm so blessed to have Brett and Jaris, my amazing parents, the best sisters and awesome in-laws.  It just makes birthdays that much better when we are all together.  I missed Taylor and I know she was sad that she was missing the dinner but hopefully I'll be able to get up there soon and see her, I miss her face.  

Drooling machine!

Grandpa is so funny :)
Brooks wearing my shades
 This past week Brett's dad came to visit so Jaris got to spend some time with T-pa.  Brett's grandparents are doing pretty well but they need your continued thoughts and prayers.  Brett is doing good, busy with school, work, and workouts.  He has been given permission to jog 1 lap around the track 3-4 times a week.  We went to the Freestate track the other day and Brett said something about how my walk will be as fast as his jog...yeah not so much.  He did great.  He was really wanting to run and not jog but I told him that to me there is no difference between going for a "run" or going for a "jog" because it's the same speed to me so he did just fine!

T-pa and Jaris
Such a great photo and so glad we have it.  4 generations.

This photo is hysterical.  Maisy in the background thinking..."hey mom, remember me? Take my picture :(  "

Wondering what has become of her life :)
That is all for now I'll have a ton of photos from this coming weekend as we are going to the PUMPKIN PATCH!! Woo hoo!!

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