Friday, June 17, 2011

Where to start...

Where do I begin, it's been a crazy few weeks!  My maternity leave is officially over, I started back to work this past Monday.  Leaving Jaris wasn't as bad as I thought...he is with my mom so I know he is getting all the attention he needs however, when I got home from work I realized how much less time I have with him and I got a little upset that night but I'm getting better.  I just wish I had more time, 6 weeks just isn't long enough and I get these stupid ideas in my he'll forget who I am and I know he won't but I just hate that I don't have more time off or more time in the day with him.  

As far as Jaris goes he is doing great!  He is growing so big and has been officially moved from our room into his crib and is doing awesome.  I usually bathe him, give him a bottle, and lay him down.  He watches his little ocean aquarium and falls asleep!  During the day he generally likes to be sitting upright, he likes to be held in front of the window with music on while I sing and sway back and forth (not sure how much of my singing he likes though ;)), and he LOVES being outside.  If he is fussy at all I just have to walk out side and he is silent and becomes very observant, so we try to go for lots of walks to get some nice awake time!  We have also switched to formula.  As much as I didn't want to do it I simply wasn't producing enough milk.  I tried taking herbs and drinking nasty "mothers milk tea" and drinking tons of water and everything else you can try and it just didn't happen.  I was producing 2 1/2 ounces at the most and simply not able to keep up with Jaris.  So to make all of our lives easier we switched and it's going so much better.  He is starting to have a "fussy time" where after his 8 pm feeding he is ok for about an hour and then he gets fussy, where nothing I can do is going to make him  happy.  I just try to hold him off as long as I can until about 30 mins before he eats again and then I give him a bath and a bottle to make him nice and sleepy and then he is out for the night.  He is starting to sleep longer hours through the night.  Last night he made it about 5 hours!  So overall we are doing pretty good I think, I just love him so much.

He makes the best faces, this is a common one.

He smile SO much more now and I love seeing both his little dimples!
Brett on the other hand, is not doing so well.  Tuesday he had surgery to repair his ACL.  We went in bright and early that morning, he was taken back to get prepped...IV and leg shaved...and then we were able to see him.

Waiting to see daddy

Nice smooth leg! lol

  He's never had surgery before so he was pretty nervous but things went great in the OR.  The doctor said he completely blew out his ACL and he had to smooth out some of his meniscus but his ligaments and tendons were looking good.  After surgery he was a little out of it coming off the anesthesia but we got him home and all settled on the couch.  Thank the Lord for my family and in-laws.  Brett's surgery couldn't have been at a worse time.  We have a 7 week old and I just started back to work and can't take anymore time off.  Brett's mom and I were with him all day, Debbie basically took care of Brett while I was with Jaris.  That night my sister Taylor came over to stay with us and help me with Brett.  I had to go back to work Wednesday so Debbie was thankfully able to be with him again that day and my other sister Danielle was over that night.  And oh boy did we need the help.  

The first day he got home, he wasn't able to keep any food down.  As soon as he would take a pain pill he would throw up...and I'm not good with throw up.  So between the throw up, popping all the different pills, trying to keep him comfortable, helping him get up and back down again, helping him start his rehab, and all of Jaris' things, I for sure needed the help and can't say THANK YOU enough.  Today he is doing much better.  He is able to get up on his own and is getting more comfortable with his crutches and his exercises.  He is a little frustrated with not being able to get out of the house or sleep in his own bed, or do any of his normal activity but that will all come back with time.

Tuesday was also our 3rd anniversary! What a way to celebrate!  If you remember our first anniversary was spent working basketball camps and eating Pizza Shuttle with our friends Brett and Kristy.  Our second anniversary was also spent working basketball camp and selling pizza to the campers at night.  And now our 3rd, Brett has surgery.  I'm scared to see what next year brings ;)  It has been 3 amazing and crazy years, we have grown from a family of 3 to a family of 4 (yes I'm counting Maisy).  Life is pretty good.

Thursday was the Rock Chalk Roundball Classic, where former KU players and coaches come together and play a game of basketball for a local charity.  I was lucky enough to have been asked by the Rock Chalk organization to take photographs for the event and I was stoked!  I needed a new lens, one that was to capture the fast movements of basketball and the low lights of a gym, so my parents were gracious enough to buy me a new one.  It's awesome, it let's in so much light which makes my photos even more crystal clear.  The event was a hit and supported a great cause and I feel blessed to have been a part of it!  Thanks for picking me Isaac!  AND Jaris went with his aunt Kelly and cousins to the game and was awake and didn't make a peep the ENTIRE time, over 2 hours...such a good baby!

Here are some photos I got...I took over 500!

Well that is all for now I must get to bed before my little man wakes up for a feeding.

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Some great photos. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. Thanks for taking the time to help take the pics.