Saturday, September 18, 2010

We're Pregnant!

I still can't believe it. I'm's crazy! Here's how we found out.  I had a sneaking suspicion that I was pregnant, I could just tell.  Brett however was convinced that I wasn't so without him knowing I bought a pregnancy test.  I didn't tell him because he was so sure that I wasn't and I knew he would be mad at me for wasting money on something "I didn't need."  So Wednesday (Aug 25th) I took the test.  This test was one with "--" or "+" sign.  Well I took it and I could sort of see a plus sign but not well enough to confirm.  So Thursday (Aug 26th) I bought the E.P.T digital ones.  That night Brett was on the couch watching a movie and I was in the computer room working on photos (story of my life ;)) when I snuck into the bathroom to take the test.  I set the test on our hamper and while it was coming up with your results it flashes a little hour-glass.  So I went to the trash in the kitchen to throw away the wrapper.  When I came back in place of the hour-glass was "Pregnant."  My hand immediately went over my mouth and my heart rate took off.  I started laughing and I picked it up and walked toward the living room. With my hand still over my mouth and me still laughing and holding the test in my other hand Brett looks at me...

Brett, "what's wrong."
I continue to laugh and not answer.
Brett (sees the test in my hand), "what is that?"
Me, "I'm pregnant."
Brett, "your joking right?" he walked over to me.
Me, "does this feel like I'm joking?" I put his hand over my heart since it was pounding and than I showed him the test.
He started laughing and I started crying.

After that we had some long talks and than went to bed lol.  I took another test in the morning just to make sure and it also came out positive!  

We didn't tell our families until Sunday (Aug 29th), except I had already told my sisters because they knew that I thought I was and their reaction was priceless!  I would have told my mom next but she was out of town and I really wanted to tell her in person so that's what we planned on but when I saw my dad on Sunday I couldn't hold it in.  That night we were eating at Brett's moms house so since we had told my dad we thought we should tell family.  So while everyone was sitting on the floor around Kaden and Brooks I tried to get Kaden to announce that "aunt Amber's having a baby" but he wasn't wanting to share :) So while everyone is staring at me waiting for the secret I just told them instead!  They were so excited, yells and tears of joy ensued and it was perfect.  Of course now I had to call my mom because I felt bad that everyone knew expect her.  I called and told her and she was excited, mad because I didn't tell her first but excited :)  We told Brett's grandparents that night as well and my grandparents and a couple of close aunts, uncles, and cousins.  It was a fun day.

We planned on keeping it in from everyone else until after my 1st trimester but it's so hard to hold it in!  I had even told Tyler the KUStores UPS man!  So I decided after my 1st doctors appointment we would make the "facebook announcement."

I had my first appointment yesterday (Sept 17th) and it went great.  She tried to listen for a heartbeat but it's still pretty early so I go back on Thursday to try again!

I'm so excited for our future.  So far in the pregnancy I feel amazing.  No morning sickness (knock on wood) and no nausea.  I'm just tired a lot but other than that I feel great.  I am so thankful that Brett and I are in Lawrence for our 1st baby and that the majority of our family will be here with us.  I feel so blessed to have such an amazing husband, family, and friends who are so excited for us.  We feel very loved and lucky.   I'll be updating on here all the time about doctors visits and my growing bump!

That's it! I'm pregnant!!

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