Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bye bye 10 weeks...hello again 7 weeks!

I had my second doctors appointment today and we met our actual doctor.  She is awesome! She is so happy and bubbly and made me feel extremely comfortable.  I'm already so happy with my decision to go with her!
When we went in to the appointment we all thought I was 10 1/2 weeks so the purpose of this appointment was to listen for the heart beat.  So after talking with the dr. she said we would try and listen and if we didn't hear anything we would have an ultrasound for my piece of mind :)  
She listened and didn't hear anything so we moved over to the ultrasound room.  She started looking for the baby and saw it "over in the corner" but she wasn't familiar with machine so she had to go grab the tech to make the screen bigger!  So she came in and found the baby right away and we could see the little heart beat.  However the dr. said it was really small for 10 weeks so after figuring out it was because of my crazy cycle that is never on time she put me at 7 1/2 weeks and moved my due date to May 9th!
It was so amazing to see that little picture on the screen.  Of course I cried...but it made it so real to see it up there!  Brett was pretty amazed as well :)
We go back in 5 weeks (October 28) for another ultrasound and some prenatal testing so please pray the results  come out good.

Well there baby Temple is! Doesn't look anything remotely close to a baby!
My dr. kept saying, "it's so cute!" lol

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Shannon said...

If I am thinking of the same doc, she is the bomb-diggity! She was my doc for Taylor & Kendal & is just fabulous. Upbeat and too cute, but gets things done when the time comes! Super excited 4 u guys :)