Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Landry In Onderland

With my first January birthday I quickly learned that they sneak up on you! Christmas, our busy basketball schedule goes into overdrive, cheer practice, etc. I knew I wanted to do "onderland" theme but I also knew it wasn't going to be a big party like JT's first birthday was. It's colder so no option for the bounce house or grilling out and it was right before I was leaving for Haiti so I didn't want to stress over it.

Ordering cookies and making the invitation were the only two things I did ahead of time.

Thursday before the party was when I finally had time to start putting stuff together. I wanted to do light blues and of course red hearts and roses. The hearts and roses were super easy to find because Valentine's Day decorations were already out. So I found everything in one trip.

I always do a table, I just think when it's all together it really creates the look!

I love making cupcakes!

Such yummy cookies from April's Sweet Treats. Decorated exactly like I wanted!

I made her smash cake, white roses of course.

I tried to keep the party short and sweet, so we just opened presents and ate cake. And that's all!

I will for sure be using this theme again when she's older for a sweet tea party theme! I have next years theme already...I'll start early so I don't get behind! ;)

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