Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fall into winter

Halloween was so fun this year! I always try to include Maisy with JT and now with Landry. I really really wanted to do Wizard of Oz but I couldn't convince Jaris to be any of the characters. That will probably have to be Maisy and Landry only. We decided on a fawn, hunter and his hunting dog. We borrowed a hunting vest for Maisy from a friend but shes packed on her winter weight so it didn't fit :) I made Landry's onsie and headband/antlers. We did our normal trunk or treat at church and then got to trick or treat with the Veritas football team. It was so funny seeing all these boys escorting Landry and JT, they were so sweet.

Football season ended for Veritas and while it didn't end like they wanted they had an awesome season that no one thought they would have. They had so much heart all season, especially during the last game. One of our seniors played the entire second half with a broken hand.  We've now moved onto basketball season. We had a fun Late Night and started the season off with a win. Keeps us busy!

While not spent in Hawaii this year our Thanksgiving was perfect! Just my family and Brett's mom and sister. And the fact that both my sisters were able to make it home was perfect. A relaxed day of cooking, all the eating...a lot of eating, Cowboys football with a win, board and card games, leftovers, desserts, and a sleepover.

The day after Thanksgiving we headed downtown to watch the annual lighting ceremony and watch Santa get rescued by the fire department!

We decorated for Christmas and got our tree that weekend. Pretty sure this may be the first time Brett and I have killed our tree. We both totally forgot to water it and by the time we remembered it was too late. So we took it down cut the trunk a little more and put it back in. Unfortunately it hasn't sucked up any water since then so we are thinking its too late for our tree!

 We hit up the annual Lawrence Old Fashioned Christmas parade with one of JT's basketball buddies. My favorite Lawrence tradition!

And of course with the Christmas season we have the return of Wiggins. I started him right after Thanksgiving this year...I'm thinking I need to wait a little bit longer next year. I'm running out of ideas!

And somewhere in all that Landry has started crawling and furniture walking. She is so ready to starting walking, you can't keep her still. She's 10 months and has 4 teeth. She is such a happy and sweet-natured baby.

Random things I want to remember...

She does this little happy dance when I pick her up in the mornings..she digs her face in to my shoulder, pushes back and does a little happy bounce.

She gets an instant smile when Jaris walks in the room.

Has discovered her voice and has been a chatterbox ever since.

Shes discovered how fun it is to feed Maisy her snacks.

When a stranger says hi she turns her head completely sideways and gives a sweet smile.

Loves to pound on her high chair when she isn't being fed.

Jaris lost his first tooth and not long after, his second! Both bottom teeth, he let me pull out the first one and he actually pulled out the second one!

And he started and finsihed his first "season" of basketball! He's on a a great little team with an awesome coach. It takes awhile for him to come out of his shell but he's really learning the game and had so much fun. He picks up again in February.

We have Landry's first birthday around the corner (insert super sad face) and so is my trip to Haiti! I'm starting to get really nervous about leaving the kiddos for that long, especially to a country where my communication is limited. But I'm so excited for this opportunity and especially to experience it with my mom and sister.

That's all for now!

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