Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kindergarten and Life Recently

I'm not sure how this day got here so fast but here we are. I really didn't think I would cry on his first day...only because JT is so comfortable at Veritas, he went to preschool last year with the same kiddos, and Brett is just around the corner. However the night before the big day I was tucking him in and I got a little emotional. JT does NOT like to see me cry even happy tears so he then got emotional. So I knew the next day I couldn't cry or it might make him not want to go. He woke up bright and early, had eggs for breakfast, and was super excited to go. I held in my tears until he walked out the door. He's not a baby anymore, not a toddler anymore, he's a little boy growing up way too fast. I was so excited to hear about his day but I had to wait since he goes to football practice with Brett after school. 
When he got home he told me about how much he loved school! He was super pumped that he gets 2 recesses, which he also said was his favorite part of the day as well as PE. He told me all about eating lunch in the cafeteria and every time he saw Brett he made sure to tell him that he was to be at school ALL day. He really loves being at school, especially when he sees all the older kids whom he loves and they love him back. They all have that little brother relationship with him and he loves it. 
This week when Brett dropped off JT for class, his teacher told Brett JT had a "pretty cool moment" with another student. One of the little boys in the class had stuck his tongue out at another little boy and wasn't allowing him to play. He went to the teacher and was upset that no one would be his friend. Jaris overheard and went up to the little boy and said, "you can be my friend." And they both went off to play. When Brett told me my eyes filled with tears. I tell JT everyday before he leaves for school to be nice to everyone, include everyone, and accept everyone. My heart is so full knowing he is doing that. I pray his kindness grows with him. He has always been a sensitive soul and we are so proud of him.

He also finished his first season of tee ball and loved every second of it!


Life has been so crazy recently with the start of school, sports, and jobs. Between my regular job, keeping up with Simply Sweet, adding on part time developmental director for Veritas, and returning as head cheer coach...I don't have a spare second. And now that Brett is back to school and football has started we are lucky to see each other in passing. 
Landry is growing like a weed and is really developing quite the personality. I know I'm going to have my hands full with her! She is so funny and already has a little sass. I guess because it's been awhile but I forgot how much fun this age is. I cannot get enough of her and every single second is pure joy. While I would really like for time to slow down, we are having so much fun with these two!



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