Sunday, January 10, 2016


Another great Christmas in the books! Last years Christmas and this year are both very similar and different at the same time. Both years we've been super busy, last year we were preparing for Christmas and a funeral. This year we were preparing for Christmas and a new baby. Last year I hosted and thankfully I didn't have to this year! It's a lot of work! We had Christmas with my family this year (we switch holidays every other year) and it was perfect. My grandparents and aunt came into town as well as my sisters. 

We did our church service on the 23rd with Brett's mom because she was leaving for a month starting on the 24th.

Christmas eve we went over to my parents for our tradition of my dads awesome chicken noodle soup. We played a lot of ping pong and headed home so Santa could come.

Christmas morning JT woke up and opened his presents from us and Santa of course. A lot of his Christmas was the trip to Hawaii so we kept it small, plus we knew family would spoil him plenty.

We headed over to my parents for our traditional breakfast...always so good. We opened presents, played a lot, some people were lucky enough to get a nap in, we cooked a lot and ate A LOT, Jaris got a bath and headed to bed, and we ended the night with games. It was relaxing and time well spent with family.

Last year, we knew Brett's grandma only had a matter of days. I knew we would be hosting family and most likely after the funeral as well. So I put Christmas stuff away early. This year I was 36 weeks pregnant so Christmas stuff went away early. In case I were to pop anytime I wanted to have the house back to normal and not deal with putting Christmas stuff away with a newborn! So the day after was spent loading it all up and putting it away, going through JT's toys that need to be donated (we do every year), went through his clothes for donation, got his playroom and new toys all put away, got the tree down and out, cleaned, and felt a huge sigh of relief! The next day we hit up Target for a new rug and Home Depot for a new fan. HUGE shout out to my husband who kept up with my crazy need to get things done asap. He carried tubs up and down stairs multiple times, put our basement back together, installed a new fan, and so much more without hesitation. So thankful!

The Ballards joined us the day after Christmas and were here until New Years Eve. Jaris loved the cousin time!

Our wild and crazy NYE!

Landry's nursery is almost ready! Here's a few of the last few weeks baby bump! Its nice not to be a marshmallow this time around!

That's all for now!

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