Friday, November 20, 2015

31 Weeks

My first pregnancy felt like it went by incredibly slow. This one is so different. Not only has it flown by but I am so not even close to being ready! The past few months/weeks have been incredibly busy for Brett and I. We've both taken on a lot of extra work and Veritas events we are usually both involved with.

Once we found out it was a girl I started going through Jaris' baby clothes and stuff around the house to have a garage sale. I could only do this after Jaris went to bed because of work and cheer practice so it took about a month to get through everything. In the middle of trying to prepare for a garage sale my grandmother was given a few weeks. I pushed the garage sale back and drove to Nebraska with Jaris to see her before she slipped away into someone who couldn't talk or remember me.  We spent two days in the hospital and it was so hard. She was fully aware of what was coming so when we had to head back home it was the ultimate goodbye. We both knew it was the last time we would see each other, hug, or reminisce. Not easy to do...especially all pregnant and hormonal! Jaris was fantastic. He was cooped up in a small hospital room for two days and was entertaining, so well behaved, and so mature about what was happening. I love that kid.

My grandmas hands are the one thing I will never forget about her...
We had the garage sale the next weekend and did awesome. It felt so good to get rid of all that stuff that was just taking up space...I hate clutter! What was left was taken immediately to the Salvation Army. 

Brett and I decided to move our bedroom so that the kids could be next to each other. Our new room however needed to be painted and get new carpet. Thankfully I have an awesome mother in law who is a fast painter and doesn't mind doing it. She and Brett got it finished in two days and then it was just waiting for new carpet. Once we got the new carpet we simply had no time to move over. Then my grandma passed. She has fought cancer for 4 years and many other health challenges after that so she is in a much better place, pain and cancer free. She was a spitfire until the very end. Ornery, funny, and loved her family. She is so missed.

Once we got back from the funeral services we had some time so we finally moved our bedroom. Then is started two weeks of Veritas events. This week has been really crazy with our "late night" event. We've had cheer practice every night from 6-7 to work on our routine and then added the basketball boys to work on their co-ed routine. I was up until about 2 am Sunday night working on that routine. And about the same time the next night working on finishing it. We also leave for Hawaii the morning after Late Night. And I also had to get senior photos done for a client. So working on routines for a little bit, working on photos for a little bit, getting laundry done so I can pack...all between the hours of 8:30-2 am, and that was if JT got to bed on time. I'm exhausted. Oh and 5 photo shoots somewhere in all that time.

So all of that means we have no nursery ready. And we are about to take up another week in Hawaii. When we get back it is MISSION NURSERY. I really really really wanted an iron crib but they are stupidly expensive and I just couldn't justify buying one when I had JT's crib. The only problem was I hated the brown wood. So I wanted to have it painted but again had no time. So we took it in to have it done, one less thing I have to worry about. When we get back and get her room painted with her crib in it, I'll feel a lot better about it. Right now I'm in a little bit of panic mode. January 26th seems so far away but saying I'm 30 weeks makes it sound so close.

Besides being extremely tired I'm feeling pretty good. My feet haven't started to swell up too much so far but my ankles have made up for that. Especially after a long day. I still get really sore from sitting in my office chair all day. Still feeling every movement. Some are painful but mostly fine, just a lot and all day. She's most active right before I fall asleep. It's pretty funny to watch my belly move all up and down, side to side while laying in bed.

Hawaii will be a much need break! Can't wait to spend the week there with all of our families, enjoying KU basketball, sun, sand, and the water! At least I'll have a nice sun-kissed glow when she comes!

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