Monday, July 6, 2015

First Trimester

I am almost half way through my 3rd month of pregnancy. This time around I'm a little more aware of the changes and what is supposed to happen. I know they say you show more/earlier in your second pregnancy but...wowza I feel huge already. Jaris keeps saying that he wants twins and by the looks of me you'd think there were at least two in there! 

I didn't have any sickness with Jaris and so far it's following the same trend. I did get sick right at the beginning but I'm 99% sure I just had a stomach bug because I was fine after a few days. I slept a lot during my first pregnancy and because I'm not able to sleep like I did the last time I am absolutely exhausted. Between working, chasing after a 4 year old and having him by myself every night, 3 nights of cheer practice, and daily house work...I'm very tired. 

I'm experiencing dry mouth this time around and my appetite has definitely changed. Pizza is my favorite, I usually order Pizza Shuttle at least 2 times a week. I haven't had it in over a month. I'm surprised they haven't come by to make sure I'm still alive :). Pizza just doesn't sound good at all. Cereal is my main go to. Wanted Mexican food for about a week straight and the thought of salad makes me want to vomit. 

I have a really really good sense of smell in general. Now it could be my superpower. Poor Brett can't cook anything without the smell making me sick. I was in our bedroom with the door shut and Brett was in kitchen and had put rice in the microwave for about a minute when I started to smell it! At work they brought BBQ into the smelled so bad (to me) they had to move it to another room! Sorry everyone! 

I have to do bump selfies now because if you remember I have a tendency to blow up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow man toward the last few months. Which means you'll see no bump selfies.

I'm really relying on the Chinese gender chart to be right (which says a girl) because I'm having a hard time waiting until September to start buying stuff. One of our really cute local children's boutiques is going out of business...I bought some gender neutral swaddlers but I also bought a bow...with an L embroidered on it. And maybe I ordered some sweet girl pj's from Zulily. I guess if it's a boy (and I'm totally fine with that too) I can just sell them right? And we do have a name picked out if it's a girl but we still can't agree on a boys name. 

Jaris goes back and fourth as to what he wants the baby to be. He stays solid on his wish for twins though...yikes. He loves to talk about stuff for the baby and very sweetly calls it "my baby." He'll say things like, "when my baby comes we can take him for walks with Maisy." Or "Can we get this toy for my baby?" It's pretty darn cute. He also thinks it's so fun to talk to my belly and in a sweet high pitched soft voice he'll say, "hi baby, whatcha doing?" Every time without fail, "whatcha doing." Cracks us up! I can't wait to watch him be a big brother! He also doesn't like any of the names we've picked including the one we've settled on for a girl. He'd like to use the names of his cousins and his best friends dog. 

Other than being extremely tried I'm doing pretty well! We go next week to listen to the heart beat and in September we'll find out what we are having! 

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