Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Colder Weather

Colder weather is officially here! Tis' the season...I'm hoping for snow, snow, and more snow. The day after Halloween I took down all my fall stuff and started getting Christmas stuff ready. I'm really ready for the holidays this year, I'm not hosting Thanksgiving so that obviously makes it okay to start early!

We've had a lot going on, between photo shoots, late night hours of editing photos, Brett's workouts, and his new work schedule I got myself sick! I had mono in 9th grade and apparently it lives in you forever and can come back at anytime (how annoying) often triggered by stress. Well it came back and it hit me hard and fast. High fever, severe sore throat, my body aches were so painful, headache, it was all over awful. Two days in bed and a trip to the doctors office later I was finally able to go back to work. My throat and cough were present for awhile and I still get exhausted easily but much better overall. Mono sucks...luckily Maisy was my side kick and we got caught up on sleep and Sons of Anarchy.

My parents and I took JT to Walking with Dinosaurs. I read some of the reviews that said it was amazingly real however a little graphic and scary at some points. I talked to JT and showed him some videos and he said he wanted to go. He did great! He got a little scared at the beginning when a big dino ate the baby dino right out of the egg (yikes!) but over all good.  He did cry when the triceratops were fighting and one got hurt and limped away with a broken horn. Sweet boy :)  He talked about it the whole way home and beyond.

We started to notice JT was getting really whiny throughout the day and by the end of the night he was a mess. He has always been really easy when we transition or change things up and so we decided to rework his bedtime. It is amazing the difference it has made! It has also been nice for us to have some extra time at night, a 30-45 min difference for me means I can actually get in bed before 1 a.m. So much happier all around!

And some random iPhone pics.

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Tracy Bedell said...

Love your blogs, Amber. So sweet and touching. You are an incredible young lady.

Tracy Bedell