Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2 1/2 years old!

The day before Halloween our little man turned 2 1/2.  I really loved Jaris and Maisy's costume this year, I was a little worried JT wouldn't wear the mask but he did great and they were a hit!

Jaris is officially in a big boy bed (long overdue).  Instead of buying a twin or a full we just used our guest bed and bought a frame for it.  Yes a queen is obviously big for him but it's a fairly new mattress so it will last and an overall cheaper option which is always better right?  I knew when we got him a bed Maisy would be on there asap.  The first morning I woke up to check on him and of course, she was there at the foot of his bed.  Now she goes to bed with him every night and I couldn't love it more.  He is so sweet to her and she lets him do whatever he wants...tackle, wrestle, snuggle.  I'm sure people get tired of my Jaris/Maisy pictures but I can't get enough :)

Last week he had his 2 1/2 year check up.  He's a measly 29 pounds and 36" tall.  He didn't have to get any shots but he did get the flu mist and did fine.  Dr. Kelley was very impressed with his vocabulary, speech, and that he is potty trained including nights!  The only thing we need to do is make him drink more milk.  He's like Brett and drinks a ton of water.
He is really testing the waters with Brett and I to see what exactly he can get away with.  He thinks everything is funny and he likes to tell me when he's doing something he should be.  The other day I asked him to stop throwing his cars and instead roll them along the floor (at least 2 times) and I walked in the kitchen only to hear JT say, "I'm doing it mom, I'm throwing them!"  Seriously?!  Last night he had to go to time out and my sisters were there.  He was suppose to be up against the wall and after tell him not to move 3 times we hear him say, "I'm walking backwards Tee-Tay," to my sister.  It's so hard not to laugh sometimes!  I'm not sure where he learned this but when I'm explaining to him what he did and why we don't do it he will sometimes say in a high pitched, cute little voice, "you look cute mommy!" I can't help but laugh every time to which he then says, "it's funny mommy?"  He's too funny.

Gym class has started again and it's basically a free for-all, we try to get him to do the stations and he will sometimes but he is constantly chasing another little boy, Wyatt, to tackle him.  Jaris is always the one taking him down and poor Wyatt is just trying to escape!  He has fun and it's a great way to get some energy out.

He's got a lot of personality and we are having so much fun watching him show it.

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